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Come to GOHIER Joinery for staircases specially made to fit your living space.

Our company has been completing joinery projects in wood, aluminium and PVC since 1985. We are located in the Sarthe region.

Made-to-measure staircases

GOHIER Joinery designs made-to-measure staircases. We provide advice for private customers and support interior architects in finding the best solution for their projects.

We offer a wide range of modern, contemporary and classic models for both interior and exterior use.

A made-to-measure staircase is guaranteed to save space and provide unique beauty. It will be designed measure for measure (in style, form and material) to meet the architectural context.

Our staircases are not only beautiful but solidly built and a fine addition to the design of any building. 

«GOHIER Joinery makes made-to-measure staircases»

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A specialised team at your service

We provide quality service for both new and renovation projects. We put all of our skill and expertise in the trade at your service.

We are committed to your comfort and satisfaction. We do this by meeting your stylistic and other preferences whilst always respecting necessary standards and practices.

All projects can be personalised depending on the situation. We guarantee the best work to suit your requirements thanks to our command of all design and technical factors.

Our extensive skills and expertise mean that we can add beauty and value to your living spaces with other joinery projects: doors, garage doors, windows, etc.

« Our technicians are at your service to guarantee your satisfaction »

Our added value?

  • Speed and efficiency
  • high precision
  • attention to your needs
  • discipline
  • multi-skills
  • craftsmanship

We provide our services in Le Mans, Anlençon and La Fleche. Order now!